Having a problem with the PLM?

It isn't a problem with a CD crack... It is because you didn't install the game.
(if you did install the game - a purchased copy of the game -
and the PLM doesn't work, e-mail me! Do not follow these directions.)

Before I explain what to do to get around this, I have one rule:
Read the entire page before doing anything.

This requires playing with your registry, and if you goof around in the wrong place, you could mess something important up.

I take no responsibility for any mistakes ... This should not have any effect on anything running on your machine other than the PLM. That includes the game. If you do find any strange occurances after doing this, you have bigger problems than a video game mod.

ready to do a little surgery?

Open up your registry.
    Never done that before? click Start->Run and type in Regedit

go to :

Once you get there make a new key:
    right click on Uninstall, then click on New Key

Rename the New Key to Activision_i82UninstallKey
    (exactly like that)

Open that folder up
    On the right side of the screen:
    Right click and pick New
    Pick String Value

Rename the New Value to EXE

You are almost done. For the next step you have to know where your i82stub.exe file is
    (It is in the main I82 directory)
    Write it down, remember it... whatever
    (mine is "D:\Games\Interstate '82\i82stub.exe"
    Most people will have it on the C drive. The
    C:, the backslashes, any spaces are ALL important.)

right click EXE (the Value you just made) and pick Modify then type in the path you just found in Value Data
Everything has to be typed in correctly.
The PLM modifies files in this directory. If the files aren't there, the PLM doesn't modify them, and you can't play with the price list.

You may refer others to this page if necessary, but please do not publish links to this page from any other site. If this URL is found posted on any website or messageboard, the page will be permanently removed.

thank you
Nitrace Support