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The New Look
by King M, 8/25/98 - 19:28
I uploaded the new site. It's not completely finished, but it's gettin there. Check it out here.

by King M, 8/24/98 - 22:25
I've been working on am updated site. Don't know when it will be up yet...Anyway, I'm getting Nitro! (finally) It's supposed to arrive this week, hopefully my pitiful computer will be able to keep up.

Still Alive...
by King M, 8/11/98, 14:38
I've decided to keep AMC going, at least for now. The rules have been reformed, make sure and check them out. I also added the Tallahasee Drag map to the Maps section.

No More AMC?
by King M, 8/9/98, 02:24
I've been contemplating the future of AMC- whether to continue it, kill it, merge with another gang, I'm not sure yet. Expect an announcement in a few days.

July 31st
WooHoo! I finished the form to sign up for AMC! If you're interested in joining, click here!

July 29th
Tonight I did a little maintenance on the page. Nothin serious. It's been a while since I've updated. Mostly because it seems like there's less and less going on in the I'76 community. Guess everyone is preparing for I'82 (I can't wait).

July 14th
Well, I've updated a couple things. Got rid of the car page, cause it was kinda pointless. The file is still there, I just took it off the list. If you wanna see it for some reason, click here. I also added a download page, be sure and check it out.

July 7th
I changed the rules a little bit. The max armor count is now 300. I've also taken on the job of recruiting for my friend ACE's gang, ATC. He has a great site, check it out. Today I also got a couple of kickass lowriders from this site.

July 6th
Well, I got the news part goin. Got somewhere from 2-4 new members tonight. All right! That brings the total to somwhere from 3-6. I can't say for sure because I haven't heard from some prospects yet. Will get a solid number sometime soon.

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