Before you ask me to put together the most kickass car you can imagine, I have to tell you I can't do EVERYTHING when working with the setups.

What I can do:
Swap/reposition body panels, weapons placement, wheel placement, and car parts (eg exhaust pipes) with fairly decent accuracy, although sometimes they won't go exactly where I want them to go. I can change/add objects on the car, like chaning the exhaust pipes to ones from another car. Headlights and engaged brake lights will also be adjusted to the correct postion.

What I can't do:
Add more weapons to a car or add more wheels to a car. If you can find an already modified car with more weapons/wheels to a car, I can modify those. Like if you wanted a 5 weapon Cavera lowrider, you would find me a 5 weapon Cavera, and then I could make it into a lowrider. I'm still trying to figure out how to change the position of the dashboard inside the car. I can't take images and make new paintjobs. I'm still trying to figure this out too.

Special modifications: Sometimes I can do special modifications, but it depends on what you want done. For example, convertibles. I'm working on a Royale without a top, but it's a special situation. On the basic car model like the Royale or Sovereign, the 4 sections (front, middle back, and top) are pretty easy to seperate. But on the Vikea front end, which I'm using on the Royale, the front also includes the windshield. On the Royale, the winshield is part of the top segment. So a Royale with a Vikea front would have 2 winsheilds as part of different segments. But by removing the Royale top, just the Vikea winshield is left, with open space behind it, making it a convertible (kind of). If you have a special body modification in mind, I can try but it may not be possible to make it like you want.

Now that you know what can be done, you can go order a car here.

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