There are a few rules for AMC members. I don't think they are too much to ask, so if you have a problem talk to me about it.

1. No Mantas (duh)

2. You gotta play at least a couple times a week. If you have a conflict with this, talk to me and maybe we can work something out.

3. Some hacking is allowed, but there are limits:
a. defenses- the limit is 200 lbs for armor and chassis combined, and no fireproofing
b. turrets- it's ok if you wanna put a turret where it doesnt belong, but no more than 1 per vehicle (except tank)
c. performance- hacking engine, traction, whatever is fine, just don't overdo it, for instance 0-100mph instantly is a little much
d. appearance- no restrictions for paint, wheels, and body hacks

Basically, hacking is fine as long as you're not doing it just to give yourself an unfair advantage.