Interstate '76 Soccer

Here's everything you need to get set up for I'76 Soccer.

soccer map (Nitro version)

King M's soccer ball variant
I maxed out the armor, set all the equipment to the lightest parts, and added some specials more appropriate for the conditions.

Patch76 1.0
fixes your nitro.exe so you can join a game with a hacked car (the soccer ball is hacked)

fixed Nitro patch 1 exe
I have the first Nitro patch installed so I had to fix my nitro.exe myself. Here's how you do it:
open nitro.exe with a hex editor
go to offset 0x103580
overwrite the 4 bytes there (56 43 46 43) with (FF FF FF FF)

00103560 6E74 0000 4552 524F 5220 7665 6869 636C nt..ERROR vehicl
00103570 6520 6861 7320 6E6F 2065 6E67 696E 6500 e has no engine.
00103580 5643 4643 0000 0000 B07B 4B00 0008 0000 VCFC.....{K.....
00103590 5350 4543 0000 0000 707F 4B00 000C 0000 SPEC....p.K.....
001035A0 5745 504E 0000 0000 0080 4B00 000C 0000 WEPN......K.....
that shoud do it.

I don't know what the nitro.exe file looks like for second nitro patch, but the same process should work for it too. Do a search in the hex editor for that string of bytes and it should take you to the proper location.

if you need help, email me at I watch the forums too, but I think they would discourage this sort of discussion there.