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Ace's Trump Cards active gang
Auto Assassins, The gang
Be Very Afraid gang
Bell Bottom Blasters active gang
Confederate Phats, The inactive gang
Freak Dogs, The active gang
iGp gang
Interstate Gangsters, The active gang
Kamikaze inactive gang
Magnificent Bastards, The inactive gang
Vigilante Masters Association, The active gang
Wolfteam inactive gang
Twin Peaks Times, The gone?
Interstate Flames board message board
Interstate Messageboard message board
Interstate Deli, The player
Ramrod iGp vl's Hack Page player
Thumper's I76 Page player
Viper's HARDCORE I76 Page player
Voodoochild's I'76 Garage player
AVA, The resource
Bigfreek's resource
Brotherhood, The resource
DIVER's resource
Hoppo’s Guide to Custom Paintjobs  for the Game Interstate76 resource
I'82 Map Warehouse resource resource resource
Interstate '76 Motel, The resource
Interstate Server Scopes resource
Laughing Gas 101 resource
Lightfoot's Stolen Maps resource
Suicyco's Speed Shop resource
Un-Official Interstate '76 Page, The abandoned
Unofficial I-76 Homepage, The abandoned
Peter's Interstate 76 Page abandoned
Dan Yenkos Interstate 76/82 Webpage resource
C-thru's Interstate '76 Site abandoned
Disco Bandits' Den, The inactive gang
Yellow Jacket Cops inactive gang
Cater's Interstate 76 Page abandoned
Unofficial Interstate '76 Mission FAQ, The resource
World of Interstate 76 abandoned
Interstate 76 [untitled] abandoned
Strangers to Pain [STP] inactive gang
Benny's Interstate 76 Page abandoned
Interstate '76 Forum at GameTalk message board