(Nikki Editions)

The ABX AMZ "Nikki" is the SuiCyco calling card. If you haven't been killed by this car on some ocassion, then we haven't met. Below I will outline three basic models and explain some variants. Specifics, such as armor placement and component cost will not be discussed. You can figure those things out on your own. The AMZ Nikki Editions all have the following standard equipment; Rear Mortar, an inline 6 cylinder engine for motivation, and an oil slick defense system. Prices on the vehicle range from 10,000 to 15,000 dollars. The car itself has limited hardpoints and armor, it is in fact, a relatively unexciting machine at first glance. But this is where it's power lies. Jack of all trades and master of none, the AMZ is only as dangerous as it's driver.

Nikki X: One of the earliest of the Nikki line, dating back to the founding days of the AVA pricelist, this version now sports a .50 caliber and normally aspirated 6 cylinder engine. In keeping up with the ever increasing price for components in division 10 cars, it has had to sacrifice speed and firepower to stay in it's class. A rear high explosive mortar keeps enemies at bay, while extras, such as cup holders, Structural Bumpers, and Heated Seats give it an edge in combat. Rim size is 15".

Nikki XX: Basically a higher performance version of the Nikki X, the XX is Equipped with a Supercharger to transform the lethargic six into a powerhouse, and the recently price reduced sway bars are also added, this variant carries along with the same .50 caliber turret to keep the enemy busy while the driver concentrates on mortar ranging. Also included is a Structural Bumper and Cup Holder. Drum Brakes and 15" rims are standard equipment with this model.

Nikki XXX: Trading in horsepower for additional firepower, the triple X model does away with the powerful Supercharger, but upgrades the turret to the deadly 7.62mm, and also allows for installation of Heated Seats. And although this is the slowest of all Nikki's, one other intresting upgrade remains, Front Disc brakes have been installed. The reasoning behind this is simple: This variant stays in close, relying on it's superior braking and handling abilities (courtesey of the sway bar set up) to chip away at opponent's methodically.

Nikki H: The most unique of the Nikki series, the Nikki Heavy is actually a small and inexpensive option package. Although utilizing a rear White Phosphorus mortar, accessories, suspension, and brakes are all minimal. Not only that, but the standard top mounted turret has been removed and the hardpoint left empty. Fortunately, the oil deterrent dropper remains, but at the cost of paltry 14" rims. With 70 rounds of mortar ammo as your only offensive weapon in this division 10 setup, each and every round counts. Requires precise driver balance to use effectively. Not recommended.

Nikki M: An experimental design that never lived up to expectations. With the top turret replaced by Heat Seeking missles, this version has the potential to cause great damage when this is coupled with a rear WP mortar. Unfortunately, these heavy weapons necessitated the removal of Sway Bars and Supercharger in this Division 15 vehicle. With handling diminished, the ability to evade larger, better armed and armored opponents vanishes, and with it your car under enemy fire.