Courcheval Courchelle SS
(SuiMobile Series)

Commisioned for AVA combat the very same day AIM prices dropped below 3,000 dollars, the so called "SuiMobile", penned by Toxy, is a hardcore dueling machine and nothing else. Lacking subtlety from it's poor handling, and weaponload displayed for all to see, it's strength is out and out brute force. You don't steer this vehicle, you do things like "full rudder to starboard side" and, "drop anchor". All Courchelle SS models the following standard equipment; Base brakes and 6 cylinder engine, rear mortar, and an oil slick defense system. Prices on the vehicle range from 10,000 to 20,000 dollars. Don't let the apparent simplicity of this vehicle and it's weapons fool you. To truly master the SuiMobile, a long hard path of e-brake training, and speed conservation is nessecary. A 6 cylinder engine in a car weighing in at over 2 tons will not accelerate well under any circumstances. When driiving this, you must keep up your speed! Use the brakes and e-brake to make quick turns, but too much and you bleed all speed off.. But with practice, this is a giant slayer. Royales, beware! On the AVA ladder, a significant amount of my successful battles to take and hold the #1 spot were fought using this beast.


SS RS: Equipped with 2 front aims, a rear High Explosive Mortar, and heavy armor, this vehicle barely fits into division 15 specs. When it was created, the original chassis was a Dover Lightning, but with inflation came the scaling back to the Courcheval body for nearly all the SuiMobile line. Curb feelers are an optional extra when the car is purchased from select Courcheval dealers. An oil slick keeps enemies from the tail, should they dare brave the rear mortar. For all it's apparent formadibility, the RS-Z SuiMobile has one major flaw, insufficient ammo storage to destroy highly evasive foes. Having personally fought against my own design whilst in use by others, using an Nikki XXX model, I have been able to drain the enemy of all stores. Their only option is to then foolishly attempt .45 shots. This design sees widespread use under liscensed variant names such as "nein-iron", "Bozzer beast", and "Hub machine", among others. So remember the counter attacks, bleed them of ammo, and out maneuver them.

SS RS-Z: Designed to effectively combat a paticular AVA duelist on more than one occasion, this RS conversion model replaces the conventional armament of dual aims and instead downgrades one launcher to dumbfire rockets. The advantage? A hefty WP mortar in rear the quarter. Especially effective against slow or non moving targets armed with heavy frag.

SS-1: A devestating divison 10 design developed for close in fighting on small maps and rough terrain, the base RS model is equipped with twin .30 caliber or a single 7.62 MG, to complement it's rear High Explosive Mortar and oil dropper. Although cumbersome to pilot and with wickedly slow acceleration, all is not lost. Huge armor and damaging ram attacks are advantages indeed against your typical 2,000 lb. division 10 opponent. Beware, the 14" rims can barely support this vehicle. But most small cars have barely enough firepower to kill it.

SS Charger: Lifting the component design from the original Dover Lightning chassis in an effort to cut spending, this deadly and expensive model is worth every bit of the 20,000 dollar price tag. In keeping with the RS tradition, this model keeps the familiar Dual AIM, rear mortar setup, though a larger, more potent WP resides where the upstart HE mortar once guarded. To compensate for the additional weight gain, the engine has been equipped with the popular INT in house Talidar Supercharger connversion. Accessories are also added. Among them, the Heated Seats and Cup Holder options. Rim size stays a conservative 15", though purists have been known to swap out accessories to accomodate larger rim size..

SS Munster: Definitely the strangest design option of all, this 15,000 class ride uses custom 3" Sway bars front and rear to achieve a high degree of flexibility. Waiting in the rear is a threatening WP launcher, while the front has been re-equipped with dual .50 caliber forward firing machine guns. A curious design that never quite caught on, possibly because of the Courchelle's inherent slugishness.